Homeowners could be able to bypass the council and build extensions without needing permission to do so. The overhaul of planning laws was announced in March (12) as part of the governments efforts to provide 300,000 new homes per year. It is expected that those who own detached homes will automatically be able to add onto their homes upwards by up to two storeys without prior permission. This move would take out the requirement for homeowners to pay planning fees, and considerably speed up work, completely eliminating having to wait for planning permission which can take moves. This is of course if the extension is within a certain size.  A consultation will define who exactly will be able to do so, with new laws in place as soon as the summer.

In a bid to cut red tape, it is also expected the local authorities will be given new powers to use compulsory purchase orders to build on land which developers have failed to use. Announcing the measures, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said that “home ownership seems like a dream out of reach” for too many.

“The simple truth is too many will be priced out if we don’t build more homes,” he said, adding that the government is prepared to take ‘bold action’ to finally solve the housing crisis.

“We must think boldly and creatively about the planning system to make it fit for the future,” he continued.

The shake up aims to increase the number of houses in the UK’s towns and cities by building upwards rather than on the green belt.

It follows new rules last year which allow homeowners to put up a single-storey rear extension without obtaining planning permission

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